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      attitude, motivation, psychological health of young people [1]
      Crisis situations; the neuropsycho-correctional approach; traumaticbereavement; gestalt therapy; cognitive-behavioral approach; existential approach; psychological resources. [1]
      destructive mental states, servicemen, combat stress, adaptation, personal health [1]
      general technical training, information technologies, laboratory classes, methods of teaching, graphic editor SolidWorks, cognitive activity. [1]
      Inclusion, inclusive education; children with special educational needs, socialization of children, educational needs, inclusive classroom. [1]
      information competence, personality, ontology of development, structural-functional model, structural components, functions of information competence, information and communication technologies. [1]
      information technologies, ecological worldview, ecological consciousness, ecological competence, ecological education, life safety culture of future specialists. [1]
      information, misinformation, stress, anxiety, stability, personality. [1]
      Keywords: procrastination, adolescence, professionalism, psychological features. [1]
      personality psychology, val- ue-meaning orientations, civil marriage [1]
      personality, competence, functions of information competence, information-competent personality, information-deformed personality, reflection, structuralfunctional model. [1]
      personality; gender; androgyny; femininity; masculinity; personal traits; female servicemen [1]
      professional burnout, stress, distress, teachers, boarding schools, model, determinants of emotional burnout. [1]
      Professional Orientation A Person with a Disability Employment Integration Socialization Models of Disability [1]
      psychological safety of a person, socio-psychological factors, threats, personality of youthful age. [1]
      psychological security, subjective and objective content of psychological security, correction, mental health, psychological protection [1]
      reflection, development, competence, professional activity, thinking, personality quality. [1]
      self-preservation, self-preservation behavior, healthy lifestyle, motivation, self-efficacy [1]
      utism spectrum disorder, cognitive sphere, sensory dominance, selective perception, psychocorrection of cognitive sphere dysfunctions. [1]
      youth, socio-psychological adaptation, socio-political crisis, destructive long-term strategic life attitudes and value orientations [1]