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      agroecological indicators, anthropogenic impact, sustainable development, rural united territorial communities, Western Polissya region [1]
      agroecosystem, agrolandscape, soil, arable land, pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, ecological zoning, ecological passport, ecologically balanced development, Eastern Podillya. [1]
      agroecosystem, antibiotic resistance, microbiome, soil. [1]
      autonomy, development, adolescent person, selfregulation, types, social-psychological conditions, psychocorrection. [1]
      biodiversity, flora, anthropogenic transformation, sozology, National Nature Park “Podilski Tovtry” [1]
      biodiversity, nature protected areas, ecological network, sustainable development, optimization, rational use of nature, Eastern Podilia. [1]
      destructive mental states, servicemen, combat stress, adaptation, personal health [1]
      distance learning; model; component; interaction; information computer technologies; synchronous; asynchronous. [1]
      ecological and biological features, forest plantations, agroecosystem, agricultural landscape, optimization, Northern Black Sea coast [1]
      ecological network, ecocorridors, synanthropic vegetation, apophytes, anthropophytes, phytocoenosis [1]
      ecological status, forest ecosystems, biotic diversity, recreational load, econetwork. [1]
      ecological status, natural ecosystems, technogenic load, Ladyzhyn thermal power plant, pollution [1]
      environmental assessment, pesticides, landfill, environment, environmental awareness. [1]
      European education; New Ukrainian School; key competences; teacher training; cross-cutting content lines [1]
      forest landscapes, forest genetic reserves, plus plantations, forests of high nature protection value, nature reserve fund, ecological network, ecological passport, ecological condition, ecological monitoring, sustainability development. [1]
      future social workers; professional mobility; pedagogical system; structural-functional model; social workers’ readiness [1]
      general technical training, information technologies, laboratory classes, methods of teaching, graphic editor SolidWorks, cognitive activity. [1]
      geoeducation, reclamation, post-mining areas [1]
      health-preserving competence, Physical Education teacher, postgraduate education, breathing, anthropologisation, intellectualisation, anthropologisation, humanisation. [1]
      humour, regulate-level model, generative side of humour, perceptive side of humour, regulate-level humour therapy, psychopathology, "humorous" pathopsychological symptom complexes. [1]