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      adaptation, primary school age, hyperactive disorder, attention deficit, impulsivity, psycho-physiological features, correctional program. [1]
      adaptation, school adaptation, social adaptation, maladaptation, school maladaptation, first grader, schooling, correctional program. [1]
      addiction, Internet, Internet addiction, Internet environment, adolescence, personality. [1]
      aggressiveness, inclusion, teachers, rigidity, socio-psychological adaptation, anxiety, frustration. [1]
      anime, subculture, anime fan, teenager, personality development, social-communicative skills, empathy, adaptability. [1]
      anxiety, motherhood, psychosomatic manifestations. [1]
      autism spectrum disorder, social play, independent play, imitation skills, desontogenesis, autism, preschool children, perception, sensory dysfunctions [1]
      behavioural disorders, adolescent, adolescents’ behavioural disorders, psychocorrection of behavioural disorders. [1]
      children with SEN, anxiety states, diagnosis, correction, developmental disorders, excitability of the nervous system, inclusive education, correctional program. [1]
      children with special educational needs, child-parent relations, parental attitudes, peculiarities of parental attitude, correctional program. [1]
      communication, communicative properties, adolescence, communication, personal factors [1]
      conflict, conflict behavior, conflict forms of behavior, adolescence. [1]
      conflict, conflict literacy, conflict readiness, conflict competence, specialists in socio-economic professions, professional activity, professional competence, competence. [1]
      delayed mental development, cognitive activity, preschool age, art therapy, diagnosis. [1]
      domestic violence; aggression; victim; offender; subjects of social work. [1]
      emotional experiences, military personnel, combat stress, Armed Forces of Ukraine, psychotraumatic situation, traumatic situation. [1]
      emotional intelligence, fairy-tale therapy, emotions, personality, younger schoolchildren, the influence of fairy-tale therapy on the emotional sphere. [1]
      emotional states, anxiety, youth personality, state of anxiety, music therapy. [1]
      emotions, emotional competence, emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, psychologica lwell-being, psychological health [1]
      ethical culture, conflict, conflict proneness, conflict competence, personal qualities, ethical norms, professional ethics. [1]